Established in 2011 on the initiative of the brothers Sartori, Tannery Trust has become a reliable point of reference for the production of cow leather medium / high quality for the market of footwear and leather goods. The company is present in major markets such as Europe, Asia and America.
Tannery Trust boasts of a young staff, dynamic and highly specialized that constantly pursues the need to search for innovative and trendy articles using vanguard technologies and products.
The Mission
The company's mission is primarily focused at improving the level of quality and continuous research of technologies for reducing environmental impact.
Core Principles
Core Principles underlying the activities of Tannery Trust can be summarized in three concepts :
  • Transparency (constantly inform the customer of all the improvements and ongoing research into the production cycle).
  • Efficiency (organization focused on improving customer service and to ensure replies and timely delivery).
  • Quality (always maintain high standards that fully reflect what is required by customers).
  • Flexibility (availability to evaluate and propose projects that can give greater competitiveness).
  • Speed of decision-making (factor more and more important and appreciated).
  • The involvement of employees (human resources are a fundamental part in the process of business growth).
  • Speed in the responses.
  • Fast delivery.
  • Permanent training of staff : all staff in Trust Tannery are involved in yearly refresher courses and training in order to ensure greater quality and achievement of more and more important objectives.
  • Traceability of raw materials (focal point for the future but for us' already' present).