Three minds with a common vision

Conceria Trust srl was established on the initiative of Mirko, Nicola and Giordano Sartori, three brothers who in 2011 decided to continue the family tradition by getting involved with a new business. A common vision guides the group work carried out by the three partners, who have been able to combine the individual predispositions and skills to guide the company to its progressive affirmation in the world market . Conceria Trust is present in Europe, Asia, United States, Canada and Mexico, where medium / high quality leathers are exported for various sectors, from footwear to leather goods and furnishings . There is no shortage of items for the niche market, designed and built to satisfy every single need. Dynamism, punctuality and reactivity are the characteristics of a young but highly specialized company , in continuous growth and in search of the most innovative products.


Uniqueness and Quality:
our values to build the future

Our strategy is oriented towards the enhancement of each product: the uniqueness of the leather deserves to be enhanced and for this reason the enhancement of quality levels is constant in our project. Growth means organization , knowing how to continuously deal with multiple problems and taking steps to improve progressively the production capacity. Targeted investments and continuous research demonstrate the pursuit of our corporate objective, installing new machinery and cutting-edge technologies with a view to the necessary reduction of the environmental impact of leather processing.


Vital and renewable energies

The entrepreneurial spirit combined with the vitality of a fast and efficient team create the perfect formula for continuous innovations. Our choice was to expand the work spaces , creating a stimulating and avant-garde environment , capable of hosting new machinery and the most advanced technologies. The research is aimed at achieving energy self -sufficiency for production with the use of renewable energy.

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