Conceria Trust is


Precise information and constant communication weave relationships at all stages. We guarantee the traceability of the product thanks to our selected suppliers who keep track of every step that marks the path of transformation of the leather. Our collaborators are involved and updated on company news, thus creating a synergy work for the best outcome of the final product. This transparency also translates into constructive relationships with our customers.

Ensures the maximum


The experience gained in organizing the work allows us to offer the best service for the buyer. This value is measured in the strengths of the company: speed of decision-making processes, punctuality of deliveries and prompt responses . Conceria Trust tries to apply problem solving skills in all phases of the production and administrative process, thus guaranteeing a high degree of reliability in all circumstances. Being an entrepreneur means knowing how to deal with every problem: “If you have tried twenty-two ways to solve a problem and you have not succeeded, then you must try the twenty-third” (H. Geneen).

Believes in the value of


Our focus is on maintaining and obtaining the highest quality standards. The raw materials, the formulations applied and the tools used are selected in order to respect and ensure the highest quality required by the customer . For this reason, the training and continuous updating of all personnel is essential, so that they can monitor the product throughout its production cycle, therefore before the essential moment of the final check .